While shopping for CBD you will find three main types of CBD oil, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate. We offer 2 types, Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum (THC Free).


Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains everything the plant contains including a wide range of synergistic cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDA, terpenes and including trace amounts of THC (.3% or less). All these cannabinoids together gives the Entourage effect (hyperlink). Full Spectrum oil even has essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, flavonoids, and fiber.


So when you hear Full Spectrum, think, the full plant. Isolate CBD is nearly just the opposite of Full Spectrum in that everything the plant contains is removed with the exceptions of CBD. You simply have pure CBD. CBD Isolate is 99.9% pure CBD.


Studies have shown that full plant extracts can be more effective at treating conditions due to isolate not having the full entourage effect. Broad Spectrum is more popular known as THC FREE because it is just that. Broad spectrum CBD oil is a little of both Full spectrum and Isolate. In broad spectrum CBD oil, the cannabinoids are broken down into their individual compound solutions and then recombined with precision without THC.


Broad spectrum contains all the cannabinoids full Spectrum offers with the exception of THC.

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